Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where to get free instrumentals.

Where do you get free instrumentals? The best and most obvious way is to start searching on Google. There with one Google search and a couple clicks you have access to many websites offering you “free instrumentals”. So now I decided to do some of the legwork for you and give you a review of some of the people that come up on the first page of Google.

1. – this is actual put together by Jee Juh who is one of the internets powerhouses when it comes to buying and selling rap beats online. While I don’t really think to highly of the quality of these beats they do give you 73 free instrumental beats when you sign up for their mailing list. Not a bad deal but who really needs 73 ok beats.

2. - An interesting website here. Honestly all I really found on this website was adwords links to other websites and some random links that they had posted themselves. I didn’t really see anything that I would recommend to people looking for free instrumentals - free beats. Honestly there were no free instrumentals on this website which is kind of strange for a website that that has the domain name of free-instrumentals.

3. - The home of all the free mixtapes you could ever want to download. This is a great website for to download as many mixtapes are your heart desires. As far as free instrumentals I haven’t really found anything, although they may have a variety of industry instrumentals ready for you to download.

4. – while there are plenty of rap beats available on this website to purchase I have not found anything to download or free. This website is trying really hard to build a community of producers who sell beats on the website but is not really succeeding in this. I don’t really know anybody who frequents this website nor do I really hear any free instrumentals on the website.

5. - This website has an automated pop-up that suggests you sign up for the mailing list to receive 20 free beats. Not a bad start to our quest to find free rap instrumentals. Don’t know how hot they are as I don’t want to sign up but this is a good start.

Conclusion is that there are a lot of people who are claiming to offer rap instrumentals for free and to be honest only a couple of them actually have good free instrumentals. So find them when you can and cherish them as they are harder then you think to actually find.


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